Meet The Team


Lea-Anne aka “The Boss”
Lea is the brains behind the business. She is the creative genius that can visualise the end product when there is nothing to start with! Fun and fearless, once she has set her mind on something she goes for it like a steamtrain. With her adventurous spirit, no challenge is too great to undertake. She loves the outdoors, gym and quad biking!





Brandon Massey-Hicks-Unique-ImpressionsBrandon aka “The Adrenaline Junkie”
Where Lea gets the vision, Brandon makes it happen. Master-mind by day and Adrenaline-junkie by weekend, Brandon loves drag-racing, sky-diving, quad-biking and anything that gets your pulse racing. Married with 1 child, 5 dogs, 2 bunnies, 3 marmoset monkeys and 5 cats, this is not your average Jo!







Karen aka “The Tough Cookie”
Do not mess with this Lady! Karen is the matriarch in the company. She looks after the staff and the clients – but do not miss a payment or upset a client – you do not want to get on her bad side!!!









Dominique aka “The Cape Townian”

Dom looks after the Cape Town office. An avid cyclist and mother of one. If anyone can find a good deal, this is your lady. She has a keen eye for design and knows what she (and everyone else) wants!








Charlotte aka “The Techno-junkie/ Go-to Girl”
Charlotte is the circuit board behind the company. An absolute Technology genius in the office and an awesome organiser. She was a finalist in the PA of the Year Competition in 2011. With her at the wheel, “The Boss” can sleep easy at night knowing that all the “i”’s are dotted and the “t”’s are crossed!








Brent aka “The Design Masta”
Brent is a multi talented designer, as well as an adrenaline junkie, avid biker and cross-fit fanatic. A passionate individual that will come up with creative solutions for your ideas.








Peter– aka “The Driver”
There is no GPS that can rival our driver. We are sure that he managed to download navigation software directly into his brain! Like the amazing race he can get the installation team to any destination, despite Jo’burgs pot-holes and e-tolls!



















Steven, Wonga, Zwandele and Modipa – aka “The Installation Gurus”

With over 15 years combined experience you couldn’t be in better hands. These guys are well trained, experienced and ever so courteous. They can install up to 60 sqm of wallpaper a day! No mess, no fuss, once they leave your property, the only way you will know they were there is because they left beauty behind!