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The eye sees only what the mind is willing to comprehend! – Henri Bergson

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Custom Wallpaper

We are able to take an image that sets your pulse racing and create something totally UNIQUE, that says EVERYTHING about YOU and transfer it onto any wall in your home or office.

Canvas Prints

Capture your special memories onto our canvas prints. We print any image or design onto high quality, environmentally friendly material which is then professionally hand stretched around custom built frames.

Sandblast Vinyl

Sandblast vinyl is the very popular alternative to on-site sandblasting. It is applied direcly to existing glass and the designs are endless.

“Design is intelligence made visible” – Alina Wheeler

Why Choosing Digital Wallpaper Printing Just Makes Sense

What Is Digital Wallpaper Printing?

Original Design Digital wallpaper printing is a fairly new concept to the decor wallpaper
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The Advantages of Custom Framing

Many people wonder if there really is a difference between custom frames and standard ones that are sold at stores. Well, there is a great difference,.

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The Importance of Office Interior Design

The Importance of Office Interior Design

In your typical workweek, you probably spend more time the office than you do at home. This is not to say that your office should be like your home, h.

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