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Welcome to Unique Impressions, experts in décor wallpaper and various wall treatment installations. We have a systematic approach to how we do every job, making it unique and truly specific to your needs. Unique Impressions offers specialised décor wallpaper services for homes and offices that imbues them with modern, clean character and flair. We bring indoor spaces to life with high-quality custom wallpaper designs that bring out the best aspects of your home or office. With a team of experienced home and office interior designers, your home or office can undergo a positive transformation today.

Some of the things we do

Our wallpaper installations in Gauteng are done in a variety of media. Not sure what to choose? During our initial consultation, we can discuss the best option for your space.

Custom Wallpaper

Unique Impressions can take an image that sets your pulse racing and create something totally unique and that says everything about you and transfer it onto any wall in your home or office.

Canvas Prints

Capture your special memories on our canvas prints. We print any image or design onto high-quality, environmentally friendly material that is then professionally hand-stretched around custom-built frames.

Sandblast Vinyl

Sandblast vinyl is a very popular alternative to on-site sandblasting. It is applied directly to existing glass and the designs are endless.

Wallpaper Ideas


Ran out of ideas? Browse Unique Impressions’ library of over 10 000 images or let us conceptualise something for you from scratch.

Decorative Kids Wallpaper

Unique Impressions supplies a range of exciting and charismatic decorative kid’s wallpapers that are ideal for inspiring creativity, energy, or calm.

Paintable Wallpaper


Give your room a sensational textured design with our paintable 3D wallpaper. With over 200 different designs for you to select from you can create the space you’ve always dreamed of.

Wall Stickers


Wall stickers allow you the option of ease and convenience in applying and removing at a later stage without any mess left behind to tidy up.

Glass Writing Boards


Glass writing boards are high-quality, innovative, and clean alternatives to the old whiteboards of the past.

Writable vinyl


Use writeable vinyl in offices, playrooms, children’s rooms and more to create a dry-erase surface.



Perspex is a useful, clear plastic that resembles glass, but has properties that make it superior to glass in many ways. It can be cut to your required size and we apply a vinyl image to it. The sign is then mounted onto the wall with high-quality stainless steel stand-offs, creating a stylish finish.

Let’s chat


Want to find out more about our décor wallpaper service and how it works? Be sure to get in touch with a representative from Unique Impressions today.

“Design is intelligence made visible” – Alina Wheeler

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