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What To Do with Your Leftover Newspaper

After any decorating or any renovation job there is always leftover something, left over paint, left over tiles, leftover cement. But this time you have leftover Décor wallpaper. And chances are this is really beautiful and really expensive wallpaper that you don’t actually have other projects that you could use it for. Well that is not a cause of worry, there are actually a few things that you or someone you know can do with the leftover wall paper.

Uses for Old Wallpaper

There are a few things that can be done with the wallpaper to prevent wastage. The first thing that you could do with the wall paper is using it to line your draws, or even your book shelves for decorative flare. You could use it to decorate the exterior of draws or cupboard doors. You could also carefully add them to a canvas to create decorative wall art for somewhere else. You can also make decorative containers by wrapping the wallpaper around old containers (coffee or ice cream) and store whatever in them!

Other Uses for Wallpaper

Did none of the other options peak your interests yet? How about adding new life to an old lampshade by covering it in the wallpaper? Or you could create adorable coasters by covering old coasters or flat wooden squares in the wallpaper. You could cut out certain shapes or objects printed on the wall paper and place them around candles, or decoupage them to old furniture or empty spaces.  The last way you could use it is to creatively cover old step ladders.

Getting Leftover Wallpaper

Do you wish you had leftover wallpaper to make cute add-ons for your home or other family members? Or do you wish to wallpaper your home? Visit Unique Impressions for your wall paper needs. Allow beautiful wallpapers to transform your home to the palace you deserve to live in. Wallpaper allows you to have designs and looks that paint does not. Bring your home to life with a wide range of designs, as well as custom wallpaper.


Benefits of Wallpaper in your Home


Painting the interior walls of a house is a tradition. Homeowners think that the walls should be painted in order to look attractive. Though, wallpaper is an option as well. Home wallpapers are fast becoming a new trend, as they are simple to install and able to bring additional texture to any room. If you are thinking of giving your house a face-lift, but hesitant to replace the paint with wallpaper, below are some benefits of covering your walls with wallpaper.

Wallpaper is Durable!

Wallpaper comes in a wide array of designs and materials. From textured wallpapers to scratch proof ones, the list of options is endless. An excellent quality wallpaper will last for more than 10 years, while paint would not. Wallpaper can survive in high traffic areas, and you need not worry about children and pets around.


Compared to paint, the wallpaper will last longer. If it is properly installed, it will be able to hide the imperfections on your wall for years. On the other hand, using paint to hide imperfections would only last around three years and you would have to repeat the process.

Simple to Install and Remove

Most people dread introducing wallpapers in their home as they are worried about installing it and when bored of the look, how to take it down. However, this is not a worry. Wallpaper is extremely simple to install and take down. Today, all wallpaper comes with a special paste that makes it easy to install. In most cases, the company you have purchased wallpaper from will also be able to install it for you.

Get the Designer Look!

Besides being durable and cost-efficient, wallpaper gives your house a designer look. With a wide range of wallpaper available, you are able to choose from a flat colour, textured wallpaper or even a specific image or design of your choice.


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