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Wallpaper tips from the experts

Finding wallpaper you like is only the first step. Next, you need to make it actually work in a room.

With thousands of wallpaper patterns and designs to choose from, it can be challenging to find the right one. To make matters worse, choosing window treatments and soft furnishings, furniture, and accessories to complement your wallpaper can be even more difficult. Follow these wallpaper tips from the experts to stay on track when putting it all together.

Select the Wallpaper First

Consider your wallpaper as a work of art in a room, providing inspiration and direction for your design scheme. It is easier to start with the wallpaper and build your room around it.

Emphasise style

Before you begin your wallpaper search, have a style in mind. This could be related to your home’s architecture or a look you like. Because wallpaper collections generally have a theme, you can narrow your search by focusing on the most relevant collections.

Choose your strategy

Consider the colour scheme you want to achieve in addition to the style. Having a scheme in mind allows you to concentrate on choosing the right ‘coordinates’ for curtain and soft-furnishing fabric, furniture, and accessories. Consider implementing one of these wallpaper tips.


Colours from opposite sides of the colour wheel create a bold and dynamic look. Blue and orange, for example, are opposites that create a strong personality.

Wallpaper tip: Turn a striped wallpaper horizontally to get a different look.


These are colours next to or near each other on the colour wheel. These spaces will be calming and relaxing, with colours that complement one another. To allow the wallpaper to make a statement, add some neutrals in grey, white, or black to your furnishings.


A monochromatic black and white scheme with two different wallpapers complements a variety of fabric patterns and accessories to create a stylish space.

A monochromatic scheme with a single hue alongside shades and tints of the same colour is the easiest to master when mixing patterns and prints.


This scheme achieves a balanced and colourful look by using colours that are positioned in a triangular location on the colour wheel.

Experiment with pattern

A bold, graphic wallpaper design in a neutral colourway is adaptable and can be combined with other neutral furnishings. Use the same pattern in a different colour to visually connect patterns. However, it takes skill and practice to mix prints. Begin by combining similar designs with different pattern scales, adding one or two more patterns.

Wallpaper tip: Keep the wallpaper simple if your other furnishings have bold patterns.

Include Texture

Texture can add dimension to a monochromatic palette. Ceramic vases with embossed surfaces, gleaming mercury glass lamp bases, antiqued mirrors, and the natural warmth of wood in furniture and wallpaper all work well together. Several modern wallpapers have a lovely textural quality and are woven from natural grasses and reeds.

Contact Unique Impressions for details

With so many designs and colours to choose from, these wallpaper tips should help you turn each room into a masterpiece. If you have any questions about a specific design or wallpaper installation from Unique Impressions, be sure to get in touch with a representative today.

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