How to Install Wallpaper

How to Install Wallpaper


Some people are not fans of paint. Let’s be honest paint does take forever to dry up and it can be pricey. Wallpaper has been used in homes for years now and it makes any room look clean and unique. Wallpaper is also known to brighten rooms and they come in colours that make a room look extremely beautiful.


How To Install Wallpaper


Before you can buy wallpaper you need to take measurements of all the rooms that you would like to install the wallpaper. Determine how much wallpaper you will need for the room. It is important to measure the height of each wall from the floor to the ceiling. Wallpaper needs to cover the entire wall so it needs to be covered in all angles. If the walls are square then you can add the length of the wall together then multiply the number by the height of the walls to calculate the total area in other for you to have enough wallpaper.

There are different designs and textures that you can choose from. Wallpaper comes in different material and they are all appealing to the eye. Wallpapers are created to make to room look beautiful and unique. Some of the available wallpaper material is easy to hang and the quality of the material is good and strong. Here are the available and commonly used textures:

  • Vinyl wallpaper
  • Embossed wallpaper
  • Textile-based wallpaper

All these textures come in different patterns and designs but they are installed the same way. Some of the textures are fragile so they can be difficult to hang on the wall so you need to be extra cautious.

You need to choose an appropriate pattern for the room. If you like patterns that have a distinctive pattern then you need to make sure that you take care to match up the pattern and avoid clashing. Different patterns can make the room look larger. Horizontal patterns make the room look wider and bigger.

You can use pasted or pre-pasted wallpaper. There are wallpapers that are easy to install you can easily peel the adhesive strip off the back of the paper and press it firmly and evenly onto the wall.


Easy methods:


  • Clean the wall
  • Smooth any cracks
  • Cut a length of paper
  • Flatten the paper with a brush
  • Use a steam roller
  • Clean up the streams


Unique Impressions


This might sound easy but you can also get professionals who specialise in wallpaper installations. Unique Impressions specialise in wallpaper installations and they highly qualified and they are neat and organised.

Unique Impressions