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Why choose wallpaper?

While few would argue that wallcoverings are superior to paint in terms of aesthetics, some may be surprised to learn that, over time, vinyl wallcoverings are also a wise economical choice.

Most vinyl wallcoverings can retain their original beauty and performance characteristics for at least 15 years. In contrast, a painted surface requires more frequent cleaning to maintain its appearance and generally needs repainting every three years.

While the initial investment is higher, using vinyl wallcovering instead of paint can result in a 30 percent or greater savings over time.

Aesthetic Value

Modern wallcoverings have an aesthetic appeal that is unrivalled by painted surfaces.


  • Flat colour: A single colour in a single room.
  • Accent wall: One room, one colour, except for one brightly coloured wall.
  • Textured: Paint that has been textured with media.
  • Custom: The use of paint to create mural designs.
  • Faux finishes: Custom paint designs that add patterns and depth.


  • Flat colour: Single colour wallpapers are available, though they are not particularly popular.
  • Accent wall: This can be accomplished by using wallpaper on one wall.
  • Textured: Textured wallpaper comes in various styles ranging from plain to ornate.
  • Custom: Wallpaper manufacturers offer a wide range of mural wallpaper.
  • Faux Finishes: Most popular faux finishes have wallpaper
  • Historical significance: Consider a Victorian-style home without wallpaper.
  • Digital designs: Custom printed wallpaper can be created with computers.
  • Photographic: Creating custom wallpaper from family photos.

Enhanced functionality

Consider the use of the specialised wallcoverings:

  • Whiteboard wallcovering: This allows for the use of dry erase markers for presentations or notes. Though primarily used in commercial settings, this type of wallcovering would be ideal for a child’s room.
  • Magnetic wallcovering: This allows you to use magnetic appliqués for presentations or play.
  • Scented wallpaper: Made of fibres that naturally emit a soothing fragrance, such as lavender or jasmine. In addition, deodorising wallpaper impregnated with charcoal particles acts as a natural deodoriser.

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With so many options to choose from, wallpaper is the clear winner when it comes to selecting wallcoverings as unique as you and your home. If you have any questions about a specific design or wallpaper installation from Unique Impressions, be sure to get in touch with a representative today.


Wallpaper tips from the experts

Finding wallpaper you like is only the first step. Next, you need to make it actually work in a room.

With thousands of wallpaper patterns and designs to choose from, it can be challenging to find the right one. To make matters worse, choosing window treatments and soft furnishings, furniture, and accessories to complement your wallpaper can be even more difficult. Follow these wallpaper tips from the experts to stay on track when putting it all together.

Select the Wallpaper First

Consider your wallpaper as a work of art in a room, providing inspiration and direction for your design scheme. It is easier to start with the wallpaper and build your room around it.

Emphasise style

Before you begin your wallpaper search, have a style in mind. This could be related to your home’s architecture or a look you like. Because wallpaper collections generally have a theme, you can narrow your search by focusing on the most relevant collections.

Choose your strategy

Consider the colour scheme you want to achieve in addition to the style. Having a scheme in mind allows you to concentrate on choosing the right ‘coordinates’ for curtain and soft-furnishing fabric, furniture, and accessories. Consider implementing one of these wallpaper tips.


Colours from opposite sides of the colour wheel create a bold and dynamic look. Blue and orange, for example, are opposites that create a strong personality.

Wallpaper tip: Turn a striped wallpaper horizontally to get a different look.


These are colours next to or near each other on the colour wheel. These spaces will be calming and relaxing, with colours that complement one another. To allow the wallpaper to make a statement, add some neutrals in grey, white, or black to your furnishings.


A monochromatic black and white scheme with two different wallpapers complements a variety of fabric patterns and accessories to create a stylish space.

A monochromatic scheme with a single hue alongside shades and tints of the same colour is the easiest to master when mixing patterns and prints.


This scheme achieves a balanced and colourful look by using colours that are positioned in a triangular location on the colour wheel.

Experiment with pattern

A bold, graphic wallpaper design in a neutral colourway is adaptable and can be combined with other neutral furnishings. Use the same pattern in a different colour to visually connect patterns. However, it takes skill and practice to mix prints. Begin by combining similar designs with different pattern scales, adding one or two more patterns.

Wallpaper tip: Keep the wallpaper simple if your other furnishings have bold patterns.

Include Texture

Texture can add dimension to a monochromatic palette. Ceramic vases with embossed surfaces, gleaming mercury glass lamp bases, antiqued mirrors, and the natural warmth of wood in furniture and wallpaper all work well together. Several modern wallpapers have a lovely textural quality and are woven from natural grasses and reeds.

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With so many designs and colours to choose from, these wallpaper tips should help you turn each room into a masterpiece. If you have any questions about a specific design or wallpaper installation from Unique Impressions, be sure to get in touch with a representative today.


Wallpaper options to update your home

Wallpaper options are one of the most convenient and versatile wall decorations available today. There’s something for every taste and budget. Whether you update all the walls in a room, one wall, or even a section with a range of wallpaper options, you can easily trick the eye to make a room look larger or cosier. Modern wallpaper options are also suitable for damp rooms like kitchens, bathrooms, and toilets, so don’t feel limited to space.

Landscapes and panoramas

Regardless of which room you choose this wallpaper option for, it will transport you away from the stress of every day to a tranquil scene from nature or your landmark from your travels. Giant murals create an infinity effect to open smaller rooms or add a feeling of depth by choosing tunnels and forests.

Toile de Jouy

Fabric with a pastoral, neoclassical, or animalistic print is referred to as toile. However, designers love to stylise prints like a printed drawing. The simplicity of the pattern makes this wallpaper option universal for any area.

Trompe-l’œil wallpaper

Trompe-l’œil literally translates to a trick of the eye. Through landscape wallpaper options and geometric shapes, you can easily achieve this is an effect.

Textured wallpaper

For a cosy room, wallpaper options that give walls textured effects like cork are a perfect choice. In addition, rich textures and soft colours call to mind marble, granite, fabrics, and earthy inspirations to keep a room’s aesthetics grounded in their roots.

New botanicals

Botanical wallpaper inspired by the tranquillity and hues from nature is often characterised by high contrast, natural settings, and relaxing scenery. Wallpaper options inspired by nature lets you reintroduce nature and open lifeless spaces to new energy.

Abstract and geometric wallpapers

Geometric wallpapers cross eras and universes, paying tribute to the 50s and 60s and reviving the Impressionists in lively tones. Abstract wallpaper options allow you to choose a bold and vibrant look or a classier refined style.

Floral wallpaper

Floral wallpapers are always in style and can be adapted to any space. So whether your inspiration is vintage, retro, or contemporary, macro views or bold, oversized blossom, you can find a bouquet of wallpaper options.

Playful patterns

Whether you choose animal prints, art prints, or human prints, patterns are the easiest way to imbue a room with personality and shouldn’t be limited to children’s rooms.

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With so many designs and colours to choose from, it’s little wonder that more people are turning to the variety of wallpaper options to dress their walls. If you have any questions about a specific design or wallpaper installation from Unique Impressions, be sure to get in touch with a representative today.




The benefits of wallpaper

Painting your walls is a great way to add character to your home. However, some of the benefits of wallpaper include a wide range of colour, texture, and depth.

Benefits of wallpaper: texture

The textural benefit of wallpaper adds a layer of style to complete a luxury look and add drama or create a cosy atmosphere. Create a conversation piece and layer of elegance with laser-printed, woven, silk, or studded wallpaper, or add a metallic touch that paint can’t replicate.

Benefits of wallpaper: styles and patterns

Printed designs add so much dimension – large scale prints or small geometric patterns – it’s just one more way wallpaper adds character to your home. And if you can’t find the perfect pattern or image, a wallpaper company like Unique Impression can help you customise an image or design. Being truly unique is a huge benefit of wallpaper.

Benefits of wallpaper: supersize small spaces

Adding a wallpapered feature wall in a bold print to a small space dramatically increases its impact and transforms any room’s feel, energy, and light.

Benefits of wallpaper: it is art

Thankfully, your wallpaper options are no longer limited to stripes and florals. Modern wallpaper is, without question, art. Choose a custom-designed image or licence an artist’s masterpiece and cover your entire wall with a stunning design.

Benefits of wallpaper: hide flaws

If you have any uneven or dented areas on your walls, smooth on some wallpaper. In addition, it adds a layer of soundproofing. With a coat of varnish, you can even have a water-resistant option – hello, bathroom walls!

Benefits of wallpaper: longevity

Wallpaper tends to be more durable than paint, is much easier, and its increased lifetime means you won’t need to redo the whole room as often, saving you money over time.

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With so many designs and colours to choose from, it’s little wonder that more people are turning to wallpaper to dress their walls. If you have any questions about a specific design or wallpaper installation from Unique Impressions, be sure to get in touch with a representative today.


Why Choosing Digital Wallpaper Printing Just Makes Sense

What Is Digital Wallpaper Printing?

Original Design

Digital wallpaper printing is a fairly new concept to the decor wallpaper however it has seen a lot of buzzes circulating its way.

The process of digital wallpaper printing may sound foreign and confusing, however, it is actually quite a simple way to improve the look of your home.

When looking for wallpaper insulation and design in Gauteng, a good place to start is digital wallpaper printing as you will be able to either provide your own images or choose from a catalogue of designs and art which will be used in order to digitally craft the design on your wall before being placed on the wall.


Traditional wallpaper insulation and design in Gauteng can take up to a few days in order to be completed and ready to move everything back into space.

On top of this, it may require treatments throughout the first couple of days after it has been installed.

With digital wallpaper printing, the planning and implementation process is both simple and efficient, with there being really no downtime in terms of waiting and with virtually no chance of mistakes occurring.

By choosing Unique Impressions, you’re choosing style and perfection at a much higher rate in this decor wallpaper world.


Décor wallpaper for the longest time has come in very simple and similar forms, with many homes having wallpaper in their house that looks like it hasn’t been changed since the ’60s.

Of course, some people enjoy these types of designs, but, if you’re someone who wants your house or a room to have an edge and be creative, using something current and specifically your style, then digital wallpaper design is for you.

The innovative design is a new way of being able to decorate your house or office in the style which you want it to be, giving a sense to the vibe of the space.


A huge benefit which Unique Impressions provides to the public is eco-friendly paint and canvas, if you prefer digital wallpaper printing on canvas, as they believe in saving the planet where they can.

Wallpaper insulation and design can often be seen as a waste, using paint and such in a way which is not really adding at all, including in adding chemicals into the air which is unnecessary.

By using paint and canvas which is limiting waste and pollution, Unique Impressions hope to be able to create art in the most sustainable way possible.

Long Term

When looking for art and wallpaper for your office space or room in your house,  you want it to last for years rather than months as you generally choose a style which needs to be the vibe of the space.

The opportunity you have with using Unique Impressions is that your wallpaper insulation and design can be handcrafted by you, it’s your choice.

The design is not only sleek and beautiful, but it is also long-lasting and will not fade in a short amount of time as it has been designed to last for long periods of time.

Low Maintenance

With decor wallpaper that lasts a long time, which you may think sounds like a dream rather than a reality, you’ll be surprised to know that the maintenance on the piece of wallpaper art is also low.

The look and feel will stay the same for a long time and it doesn’t require touchups unless you decide that you want to change things for yourself.

Of course, more sun exposure will start the process of de-colourisation, however, the speed at which the process will happen is far slower than when on traditional wallpaper insulation.

Easy To Replace

Another benefit is the fact that you can easily replace your digital wallpaper, where traditional decor wallpaper can take a long time to firstly remove and then replace.

If you think about the type of wallpaper from decades ago, having to strip it off the wall would take hours as you can’t simply go over it, as bubbles and deformations would occur.

Unique Impressions and the use of digital wallpaper printing has made it much easier to design over the wall, even when it has an original design on it.

This makes the preparation process much quicker and far more productive as the focus is more on the space than on removing things off of the space.

Express Yourself

Wallpaper insulation and design in terms of digital printing have opened the world up to a lot more opportunities in terms of being able to fully express your style.

Unique Impressions allows you to hone in on what you really want, either by providing you with a catalogue of wallpapers and styles or allowing you to choose wallpaper or create your own design if you so choose.

The look and feel of your office space or room will feel connected to who you are as you will be using decor wallpaper of your choosing rather than what was given to you.

Inexpensive Art

If you think about it, when designing new and sleek wallpaper insulation and design, you are basically displaying art which you find appealing.

If you think about it in this way, the art which is on your wall or on canvas is something which is a huge benefit in terms of setting the mood of the space, but also a benefit in that it cost much lower than if you were to go out and purchase actual art.

The reasoning behind both is the same, to display something which you like, however, when the cost is involved, having it cost less while still getting the purpose is a much better alternative.


As mentioned a few times above, when you add a feature such as digital decor wallpaper, the entire vibrancy of the room changes, with the feeling of more life or a particular type of energy fill the room.

Whether you are looking to get a design done for your home or office, by adding such a feature, you are definitely adding to space rather than taking away.

Of course, you are able to put up whatever it is you want on the wall, it’s your choice and it’s your blank canvas.

Benefits Of Digital Wallpaper Printing


Interesting Designs

When you choose to work with Unique Impressions you are working with a business that is excited about creating something out of virtually nothing.

The passion and drive which the company has, allows them to come up with a lot of interesting and expressive designs.

If you’re looking for a professional feel they have what it takes to design and implement this. The same goes for if you want a more artsy or cartoony feel. The possibilities are endless.

The only thing you have to really worry about is picking up the phone and getting into contact with a business who is motivated to provide excellent wallpaper insulation and design.


Well, if it’s in their name it better be true, and believe it or not Unique Impressions do provide uniqueness to your space.

Their drive to creating something which feels mobile and gives off energy is why they continue to do what they are doing.

If you give them the freedom to use your design in their way, you will be amazed to see the result of their years of hard work and skill in the game of transforming a wall into an art piece.

Decor wallpaper is more than just something to make a place feel nice, it is something which brings the whole room together.

High Quality

The way that digital wallpaper printing works is that it actually uses imagery generated from a  computer in order to layout the design on the wall, which will then be produced.

When doing such, the quality needs to be at the top of the game as if it looks too clunky, the entire point of the art piece goes out the window.

The quality of content from Unique Impressions is high and with the attention to detail, in some cases, you would think it came straight from the screen.

In many ways it did as the technology used helps the developers of the art piece work in a very efficient and almost perfect way.

Why Digital Wallpaper Printing Is Better



The cost of traditional decor wallpapers, including the planning, designing, and if need be, the removal of previous designs can cost quite a bit of money.

It’s not to say that digital wallpaper insulation and design doesn’t cost money, more so that the entire process costs less than traditional forms.

The money you spend is also not going to waste as you will be getting exactly and specifically what you want from the Unique Impressions team.

You will be getting your return on investment almost immediately was the design will be serving the purpose for space which is what you want.


Unique Impressions offers a service to you that is newer, in some ways still up and coming, and is fresh.

Beyond this, the whole approach to what they do is something innovative and exciting. You are able to choose from their designs, which are constantly updated to give you choices which are niche and trendy.

If you want your business to have a certain type of feel, particularly if your business comes from the new age, you will be able to incorporate these designs into your space, adding an edge which many other companies might not have.

Be sure to contact Unique Impressions for more information about digital wallpaper printing.

Fixing Wall Flaws

Let’s face it, not all walls are perfect, and in some ways that make them perfect.

However, by using the flaws on the walls, being able to connect them with the art simultaneously, you are turning flaws into something of beauty rather than just covering the cracks.

By shifting the eye to the art, or by linking the two together, you will be able to create something which feels like it embraces the entire picture rather than angling towards what looks nicer.

Unique Impressions, wallpaper insulation and design company in Gauteng, is proud to be a part of the development of flaws rather than the removal.

Of course, if the cracks are dangerous, you should look to getting that fixed.


The type of canvas and paint which Unique Impressions uses is designed in a way to hold well on the wall or surface.

On top of this, it is also made in a way where it lasts longer, staying bright, with the fine edges staying as such for much longer.

The benefit of this is that you will not have to do touch-ups as often as you would with other forms of wallpaper design.

Another benefit here is that you will not have to pay as much attention to your decor wallpaper, focusing on running other parts of your house or business, even looking at changing the furniture to help accentuate the entire room or space even more.


When looking at decor wallpaper, having the opportunity to play around with designs and colours is a luxury not many people have.

With white walls surrounding you, the possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can put on them.

Regardless of whether it is a cardboard wall or a brick one, the innovation behind what Unique Impressions does is something which will definitely improve your space.

Choosing to add creativity into your space is just one call away.

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If you’re looking for fun and exciting designs for your wall space, contact Unique Impressions for more information.


The Advantages of Custom Framing

Many people wonder if there really is a difference between custom frames and standard ones that are sold at stores. Well, there is a great difference, especially is the artwork you want to put in the frame is a certain dimension or has value. There is a range of reasons why one should rather choose a custom-made frame than a standard frame.


Expert picture framers have special tools and equipment as well as techniques for framing. This mastery, when merged with knowledge, provides an excellent quality product. Standard frames are often made of resin or plastic. These frames usually contain a high level of acidity, which can be tremendously harmful to the art. In addition, the area of the frame and matting controls the size of the artwork. On the other hand, when having a frame custom made, you will not have to force your artwork into a specific sized frame.


When decorating your space with custom made framing, you are able to express your personality. Standard frames limit your uniqueness, as you have to stick to certain sizes and designs. With custom framing, you are able to create your own design by selecting your preferred design and material.


Longevity is a key role of a good quality picture frame. Over time, art fades and adds a yellow tint. Most of the time, artwork is usually damaged by natural light. However, materials used in custom framing are specifically designed to protect your art for an extended period. When framing is custom made, it is usually manufactured with acid-free materials and quality mattings to keep it in great condition.


Custom frames are becoming a popular idea. Based on your artwork, you are able to define them with custom made framing. If you are interested in having your artwork framed with a custom design, visit Unique Impressions for professional custom framing services in Johannesburg and Cape Town!


The Importance of Office Interior Design

In your typical workweek, you probably spend more time the office than you do at home. This is not to say that your office should be like your home, however, it should have some great design qualities that make it comfortable as well as productive. Having a goof office interior design allows your employees to work efficiently while still maintaining brand cohesiveness.

Employee satisfaction and productivity is important

Ensuring that the employees at your company are as comfortable as possible will in turn, ensure that they stay productive. This can be achieved by offering different spaces within the workplace that employees can go, depending on what type of work is being done. For example, if collaboration is important on a certain project, working in a creatively stimulating and open space can be very helpful. Equally as important, there should be spaces where employees can buckle down and focus on their work without being interrupted or distracted.

When it comes to maintaining happy employees, you will need to have both; spaces to be productive, and spaces to relax. By creating spaces for employees to relax and have fun, you are encouraging your employees to socialise and take breaks which has been proven too increase satisfaction as well as productivity.

The Importance of Branding

It is important to take a company’s brand into account when you are designing an office as the office space should reflect the brand’s values. If a company claims to be trendy, young and fun but has dark and stuffy little offices, clients will not only be confused but they might start to question the integrity of the company. When your office is designed with the brand in mind, people will get a much better sense of your company’s personality as well as reinforce your brand’s values for a more cohesive image.

At Unique Impressions, we offer a wide range of office and home wallpaper and other great décor ideas. Whether you want bespoke framing, glass writing boards, canvases or paintable wallpaper, we offer it all. Visit our website on for more information.


The History of Wallpaper

If you want a new and different aesthetic for your room, and you want more than “just paint” consider the beauty of wallpaper. Wallpaper is almost seen as clothing for your walls with endless different creative combinations found within in this versatile wall covering.

But what is it about this wallpaper that has kept it around for all these years? For some it is the elegance it offers with just a bit of work, for others it’s a form of artwork, and for others it is a way to combine all the colours in the room into one focal point.
Wallpaper was first used in China in 200 B.C. As the Chinese passed this knowledge to other cultures, the uses and methods of making paper improved with each generation and as other cultures added their own unique touches, textures and prints.

In 1841, Jean Bourdichon hand painted an unbelievable 50 rolls of paper with angels on a blue background for Louis XI of France. The paper was used to decorate his various rooms. Other people that could afford the amount, soon began hiring painters to create these hand painted paper wall coverings for them.

The oldest known pieces of European wallpaper still in existence are from 1509 and were found on the beams of the Lodge of Christ’s College in Cambridge, England.

In 1675, Jean-Michel Papillon, began making block designs in identical, repetitive patterns on rolls of paper and wallpaper as we know it today was born.

Americans began using wallpaper in 1739, when it was introduced by the Philadelphia printer, Plunket Fleeson.

In 1778, Louis XVI issued a law that required the length of a wallpaper roll be about 34 feet.

Around the turn of the 20th century wallpaper pasting machines were invented which made mass production of wall paper much easier and faster to produce.

During the 1920s nearly 400 million rolls of wallpaper were sold, resulting in the decade being dubbed the Golden Age of Wallpaper.

After WWII, wallpaper was improved with plastic resins which made it more durable, washable and stain resistant.


Create Character to Your Walls

You find wallpapers in homes, coffee shops, golf courses and many other places. You get different types of wallpapers, and can be used in different types of environments.

A décor wallpaper is the perfect option when you are looking to make a statement in a room. Décor wallpapers are manufactured from an eco-friendly base and applied with eco-friendly water based adhesive.

Wallpapers create different feels in different types of rooms. Some wallpapers create dramatic feels and other emotions. Wallpapers are fashionable and here to stay until the end of time. The best place to get these wallpapers is from Unique Impressions.

Where are Wallpapers Used

Wallpapers are used in interior decoration to decorate the walls of a home, business and any other buildings. Wallpapers have a layer of coated vinyl on it. The thicker the vinyl layer is, the more durable it will be.

You can use wallpapers in a couple of places, but homes are the main place. Wallpapers are used to create certain types of feels in a certain place.

Wallpapers can be used in coffee shops to create a warm and comfortable feel. These can be used in lounges, kitchens and even bathrooms. In some restaurants there are themes such as a French restaurant, there will be a wallpaper of an Eiffel Tower or something related to France.

If you have a beach house, you can use wallpapers to decorate the house with the ocean or a beach kind of vibe.

Types of Wallpaper

Custom wallpapers – these are types of wallpapers where you can have anything you want on them. With this wallpaper you get abstract, city scapes, beach, forest and even man caves. Anything you desire, it will be printed and in your home in no time.

Decorative Wallpapers –  these are pattern wallpapers, let your imagination run wild and pick your pattern. This includes: mica, ashford topics, cork range and many more. These can be used in kitchens, lounges, dining rooms, cafes and night clubs.

Decorative kids wallpaper – this is an ideal way to make your child’s room a perfect place to sleep and play in. This includes: pirates, mermaids, dots and strips. This can be used in children’s rooms and play rooms.

Printable wallpaper – you can give your room a textual design with 3D printable wallpapers. This is very cost-effective. This can be used in: kitchens, lounges, dining rooms and entertainment areas.

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To get your décor wallpapers, contact Unique Impressions or visit our website to view all of our options.


Authentic Looking Wallpaper

If, like me, you have fallen in love with the unique ambience and grungy, yet sophisticated style of industrial interiors and décor, then you’re going to love this one. Central to the industrial look is the pop of ‘unfinished looks’ and raw materials such as brick, stone, wood and concrete. If (again, like me) budget doesn’t allow for the real deal then décor wallpaper is the solution we have both been looking for. 

Brick and Stone Wallpaper

Brick wallpaper, like normal brick, comes in a variety of different colours and finishes. Choose from mid-century-modern dark grey styles to traditional red face brick looks and taupe colours. With stone-looking finishes the possibilities are also endless; veneer stone, marble, pebbles, slate, sandstone and limestone finishes can be designed to look one hundred percent like the real deal, but for a fraction of the price.

Wooden Wallpaper

As with the brick and stone wallpaper, wooden wallpaper looks like the real thing and creates beautiful texture for visually appealing results. Looking for that rustic look? A selection of faux weathered looks are all waiting for you to pick them; including, charred wood finishes, distressed wood finishes, pickled wood finishes as well as grey and white washes that can help to add a bit of dimension and colour to the look and feel.

Metallic Marvels

Wallpaper doesn’t leave metallic behind. There are hundreds of different faux finishes that have the metallic sheen perfected. For an additional ‘wow’ factor, there are wallpapers that are designed to look as though there has been extensive welding involved, some even look as if they have real bolts in them. Flints of copper added to a marbled look are also an exquisite option.

Looking for Wallpaper in Gauteng?

Administering wallpaper yourself comes with a series of flops that generally aren’t worth the risks, unless you’ve already mastered the art. Opting for professional expertise ensures seamless results and allows for more experimental design with custom prints. Contact Unique Impressions or visit their website for more information.

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