Cleaning & Sanitising

Cleaning & Santizing Equipment

A new addition to our product line here at Unique Impressions is the supply of various essential cleaning products and sanitizing services.
We would like to thank you for entrusting us to supply you with the best quality materials and services.


We are offering a wide range of products from various masks to wall-mounted hands-free sanitizers, foggers, onsite sanitizing & steam-cleaning crew services, perspex desk shields, branded apparel, medical grade disposable suits, brand call-outs and more.


Why have we gone into this line of supply?

Keeping up with trends is what we do! But over and above that, helping make essential items readily available to you, our client – old and new – is important to us. Keeping you, your teams and your families safe, so that we can continue to grow our relationships further and come together as a nation and help clean up our beautiful country and get it back to a great place to live.

We have a lot of corporate companies we deal with, who have many staff members. Helping them, and others, keep an eye on general office hygiene is key. This is a time in history we would like to be a part of, knowing that we have helped in some way – be it big or small.

The venture we are most excited about is our onsite sanitizing & steam-cleaning crew.
They are ready to come into your office or home to eliminate those unwanted bacterial and viral elements, allowing you to go on with business as usual.

Steam-cleaning is convenient, cost-effective, eco-friendly and contains no volatile organic compounds or other hazardous materials.

It is completely safe on all interior and exterior surfaces while thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting.

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