Decorative Wallpaper

Decorative Wallpaper

Unique Impressions supplies an impressive range of decorative wallpaper products and services that are focussed on enhancing interiors in offices and homes.

High quality designer wallpapers that are stacked with personality and energy or simple and sophisticated designs and bold colours can adorn the walls in your interior spaces, you just need to give us a call.

As part of these services, our team of home and office interior designers bring you a customised and quality driven range of décor wallpapers, each reminiscent of a recognisable theme that nails the atmosphere in your interior spaces.


We boast a complete collection of specialised décor wallpaper products that have been designed and handpicked by our talented team of home and office interior designers.

This ensures the best quality and sense of sophistication for our clients, no matter what tone and energy they are looking to put on their walls.

Latest Decorative Wallpaper

Boring accent walls are transformed into beautiful feature pieces and gloomy areas are brought back to life with the right choice of wallpaper.

Unique Impressions are reputable wallpaper suppliers, contact us today!

Decorative wallpaper is the perfect option when you are looking to make a statement in a room. Looking for the “WOW” factor, we know exactly how to help you achieve this.

We have a wide range of decorative wallpapers to choose from and there is something for everyone.

Damask is a great option for the bedroom as well as the dining area where you would like to create a dramatic feel.

Stripes are fabulous for creating space and they are a very classic look that will never date.

Ditch the drab painted walls and add some character to your walls. Wallpaper is extremely fashionable and here to stay.
“In nature, light creates the colour. In the picture, colour creates the light” – Hans Hofmann
Decorative wallpaper allows you to add that personal touch to your home and splash your style from room to room, creating conversation pieces that can be easily cleaned and long lasting and after when you decide to redecorate in the future the wallpaper can be removed hassle-free and the room transformed once again with your next chosen design.


Technical Aspects:

Décor Wallpaper is manufactured from an eco-friendly base and applied with eco-friendly, water-based adhesive.

Our products are manufactured using the latest European technology and material. This renders them ideal for use in any interior space, whether they be rooms in a home, in a workplace, or in a public space.

Areas where this wallpaper can be used:

  • Kitchen
  • Lounges
  • Dining room
  • Guest toilets
  • Bathrooms (well ventilated and no direct water)
  • Chill Areas
  • Entertainment
  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Night Clubs
  • Offices
  • Board rooms
  • Function rooms
  • Show rooms
  • Club houses
  • Cinemas
  • Health Clubs/Spas
  • Theatres
  • Beauty Salons
  • Retail Stores
  • Window displays

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