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Welcome to Unique Impressions, the home of digital wallpaper printing. A fairly new concept, the design has started to become a popular choice for many homeowners and office owners. You can provide your art which will enhance your wall with the use of fresh techniques.


Alternatively, you can choose amazing art pieces and graphics from our catalogue.


If you are an individual who wants your space to have that edge and be creative, we’ve got the answer for you. The design is unprecedented and is something which can line your home and office closer to your vibe.


Unique Impressions looks to be as innovative as possible through the use of digital wallpaper design. We provide a new way to decorate your living and working space in the style which speaks most to you.


The Future Of Wallpaper Installation & Design In Gauteng

We are the future of wallpaper installation and design in Gauteng. Our service is profoundly creative, offers a personal touch, and is eco-friendly.


Moreover, our team of experts will present you with long-lasting design. The essence of our products ensure that your pieces are there for years, and not months.


We also offer the opportunity for you to handcraft your design. Our team feel that if you have the inspiration to create, we will simply apply the finishing touches.


Contact us today, and start to appreciate your modern, sleek and beautiful, digital wallpaper design.


Find The Perfect Décor Wallpaper For You

Are you looking for something different in your space? Have you considered using one of the most unique forms of art invention today?


The integrity of our service allows us to plan and implement everything efficiently. The amount of downtime is low compared to other forms of traditional wallpaper installation. With very little waiting time, and no chance of errors, what more could you possibly ask for?


Quality in our approach and our products. We are dedicated to our ability to present the best in digital wallpapers. On top of this, our team of specialists will provide you with the design of your dreams.


The eye sees only what the mind is willing to comprehend! – Henri Bergson


Consult – Our natural passion for creativity will bring your ideas to life. Let our design gurus take you on a creative journey. Through the harmony of patterns, designs and a sprinkle of imagination, we weave enchantment and creativity into your personal, living or business space.


Conceptualise – Using our vast range of available materials, concepts and designs, we are able to conceptualise your idea and transform it into your reality. If it can be imagined, it can be created!  Still unsure of the end product, let us mock-up a rendition of your space!


Create – The creative juices have flowed and excitement abounds. Now let’s turn this into something tangible.  We are in-house manufacturers of the custom printed wallpaper and stockists of imported decorative and paintable wallpapers, 3D Boards, furniture & flooring. Our services include full turnkey décor solutions.


Transform – We have a specialised team of experienced installers and also offer project management services on large-scale projects.


Call us TODAY to turn your dream decor ideas into a reality….

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