How it works

Unique Impressions is a custom wallpaper company that provides custom wallpapers that are unique to every job. We take a systematic approach to how we do it.

Knowing how it works will allow you to get the most out of our services and give you peace of mind since you can see each step we take to bring custom designs to life.

Here we will take you through the steps of how it works, starting with finding an image or design that speaks to you and compliments the room, right through to the processes of enhancing the image and installing your custom wallpaper.


Finding the right image

As a custom wallpaper company, we begin the process by finding an image or design that really speaks to you. You can use your own image, or if you like, choose from the images on our website. Your options are practically limitless, and the web is an endless resource for the perfect image.

If you need assistance, the team at Unique Impressions is more than happy to help you choose an image that is right for you.

Getting measurements down

The next thing we need to do is measure the wall you will be covering.

You can supply these measurements yourself, or if you like, have the Unique Impressions team come to you to measure up and ensure that we get the correct size.


Enhancing your chosen image

Unique Impressions can help you to make your chosen image pop that little bit more. We can enhance it for you by making it more vibrant, doing some colour correction, or even inserting your branding or logo in it.


Installing your custom wallpaper

The last step is where it all comes together. Being a custom wallpaper company, the installation service provided will ensure that your new wallpaper is applied correctly and with professional quality. Then, all that’s left to do when we’re done is to enjoy your new space.


Find out more about how it works

If you want to find out more about our wallpaper service and how it works, get in touch with a representative from Unique Impressions today.

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