Meet The Team


Lea-Anne aka “The Boss”

Being the brains behind Unique Impressions, Lea is the creative genius with the vision – visualising the end product when there is nothing to start with. Fun and fearless, Lea’s passion and spirit of adventure means that no challenge is too great to achieve.








Brandon Massey-Hicks-Unique-ImpressionsBrandon aka “The Adrenaline Junkie”

Brandon is a miracle worker! Master-mind and problem-solver, Brandon lives for a challenge. When he is isn’t working a miracle, Brandon sets his sights on anything that gets his pulse racing – drag-racing, sky-diving and quad-biking. Married with 1 child, 5 dogs, 2 bunnies, 3 marmoset monkeys and 5 cats, this is not your average Jo!







Dominique aka “The Capetonian ”

With a wide range of skills and the drive to use absolutely all of them, there isn’t a task Dom can’t complete. And if you need an incredible, Dom can find one anywhere. She has a keen eye for design and knows what she (and everyone else) wants!








Charlotte aka “The Techno-junkie/ Go-to Girl”

Charlotte is the circuit board behind UI. She is an absolute technology genius and an incredible organiser. Charlotte has achieved many accolades and is an unbeatable PA. With Charlie at the wheel, “The Boss” can sleep easy at night knowing that all the “i”’s are dotted and the “t”’s are crossed!





Brent aka “The Design Masta”

Brent is a multi talented designer, as well as an adrenaline junkie, avid biker and cross-fit fanatic. He is passionate and is certain to come up with creative solutions for your ideas.








Peter– aka “The Driver”

There is no GPS that can rival our driver. We are sure that he managed to download navigation software directly into his brain! Like the amazing race he can get the installation team to any destination, despite Jo’burgs pot-holes and e-tolls!


















Steven, Wonga, Sinaye, Tumelo, Modipa – aka “The Installation Gurus”

With over 15 years of combined experience, you couldn’t be in better hands. Our UI installation team are well trained, experienced and very courteous. They can install up to 60 sqm of wallpaper a day – No mess, no fuss! The only trace they leave behind is the beauty they have installed!

Unique Impressions