Paintable Wallpaper

Paintable 3D Wallpaper

Give your room a sensational textured design with our Paintable 3D Wallpaper!

You have the option to leave your wallpaper white for a fresh look or apply paint to match your décor. With over 200 different designs for you to select from you can create the space you’ve always dreamed of.

The Paintable 3D Wallpaper allows you to turn the look of walls coated with just a flat layer of paint. You now have the freedom to renovate your walls into something that comes to life with a relief effect design.

This enables you to give a total twist to wall elements and bring your aesthetic to life.

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The Paintable 3D Wallpaper can be painted over several times. Now you have the option to have high quality designs around your space. On top of this, it works out as a very cost effective decorating solution.

It also provides you with an impression of a total new revamp whenever you decide to change your colour palette.

Start The Journey

Start your journey today into a world of possibility with more versatility and the option to upgrade whenever you want!

With a fun and efficient way to add some texture to your space the Paintable 3D Wallpaper creates rooms which provide that vibrance you have been looking for.

Moreover, the simple nature of application means you won’t have to wait a long time before you can truly appreciate your décor.

Technical Aspects

The Paintable 3D Wallpaper pattern is printed on high quality pre-primed “paste the wall” backed wallpaper. It uses a special granulated material which provides a beautiful 3 dimensional effect which is created when paint is applied.

Once the Paintable 3D Wallpaper is thoroughly dry the individual colour design can be applied.

This will use a high quality dispersion latex or acrylic paint which should be thinned as appropriate for the task. Rolls will vary in size.

The manufacturing process is in accordance with the RAL guidelines as well as the following European standards:

  1. EN234 specification for wall coverings for subsequent decoration.
  2. EN235 wallcoverings terms and symbols Flame-retardant in accordance with DIN EN 13501-1
  3. Steam permeable in accordance with DIN 53122
  4. Free from fibre glass EN12956
  5. Determination of dimensions
  6. Straightness
  7. Spongeability
  8. Washability

Areas where this wallpaper can be used:

  • • Kitchen
  • • Lounges
  • • Dining room
  • • Guest toilets
  • • Bathrooms (well ventilated and no direct water)
  • • Chill Areas
  • • Entertainment Areas
Unique Impressions