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Unique Impressions is focused on providing wallpaper and décor solutions for the discerning homeowner. We delight in being able to help you translate your design expectations into a reality.

Unique Impressions provides the following decor solutions:


Custom digital wallpaper

Unique Impressions enables you to take your own pictures or concepts and turn them into spectacular wall coverings for any room in your home. The wall covering is totally customised, meaning you won’t walk into your friend’s home and see the same thing.


Decorative wallpaper

This is a classic way to make a dramatic statement in any room. With Unique Impressions, you have so many options for decorating beyond merely choosing the colour of the paint. Expand your horizons and turn boring walls into declarations of class with Unique Impressions.


Paintable wallpaper

This option from Unique Impressions allows you to create textures on any wall that can be left as is or painted to provide a dramatic effect.


3D boards

Unique Impressions offers you the latest trend in wall coverings. Made from plant and bamboo fibres, these three-dimensional boards give you the ability to completely change the look and feel of any room.



Unique Impressions will take any photo or print and create a beautiful accent piece by printing it on a canvas frame.


Sandblast vinyl

This wall treatment allows you to take any design and apply it to any glass structures such as windows, doors and sliding doors. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, it also provides UV protection and is shatterproof too.



If you want something completely different, Unique Impressions suggest that you apply a favourite scene or image on Perspex to create a stylish and visually appealing piece of artwork.



This is another way of creating privacy in your home with beautiful designs and the help of Unique Impressions. Contravision is perforated vinyl that appears solid on one side but transparent on the other.


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