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Benefits of Wallpaper Over Wall Paint


Wallpaper and wall paint have been trending for years now. Nowadays people prefer using wallpaper because it is more durable and easy to install. Wall paint is also being used but the smell is strong and it can take time to dry up. Wallpaper has unique and beautiful textures that will make your home look beautiful.


Wallpaper vs. Paint 


Wallpapers can last for than 15 years and they are quite strong. Wallpaper can last 3 times more than wall paint and it is easy to remove. If you are a creative artistic person then you can choose from a variety of designs for wallpapers. With wall paint, you will have to create something from scratch to make your wall look just the way you want it. With wallpaper, you get the most unique and interesting designs that are appealing to the eye.


Wallpaper is easily cleanable and it does not get dull like paint. Paint needs to be renewed and it can be quite expensive because you might need two paint coats for one room which might be 5 litres of paint. Wallpapers are cost effective and they can save you a lot of money. Wall paint require so much time for both installation and removal. You need to make sure that you remove old paint in order for you to install the new one. This is time-consuming and it requires a lot of cleaning because the paint might spill on the floor. With wallpaper all, you need to do is to take measurements of the room, buy the material, clean the wall and install. It is not a full day job and it is quick and easy.


With wall paint, you can get different colours, textures, and patterns but they require a certain skill, effort and time. With wall paint, you need to be extremely neat because how you apply the paint on the wall it needs to be in a neat and professional manner. With wallpaper, you also need to make sure that you have the correct measurements and it is installed neatly and there should be enough wallpaper to cover the wall of the room. Hiring an expert is also not a bad idea because they will save you time and it is more convenient.


Unique Impressions

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Unique Impressions