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The Advantages of Perforated Vinyl Graphics


Window perf is a PVC vinyl with an adhesive back that is perforated in a pattern of evenly spaced round holes. The greatest advantage of it is that it offers full visibility to the graphics from the outside while letting light through to the people inside. It is also referred to as “one-way vision film”, or “see-through vinyl”.

In most instances, the holes are uniform in size. The print coverage and visibility are determined by the number of holes. A 50/50 perforation pattern has perforations in 50 percent of the area and the other 50 percent is used for printing. It comes in a wide variety of hole configurations – 70/30, 60/40 and 50/50 are the most common. The first number represents the printable area and the second represents the open area.

Film construction and applications

Window perf is manufactured in layers. The first layer is that of the printable white vinyl followed by a layer of black vinyl. It is finished off with a coating of adhesive material and release liner. The black layer tends to serve as an optical illusion that offers clear visibility behind the printed vinyl. For optimum results, 70% or more of the light has to be on the printed side. Perforated window graphics are most commonly used in vehicle windows, retail window displays, office glass, and other situations where you want visibility for the graphics from one side and light to pass through to the other.

Marketing advantages

Vehicles are by far the most common candidates for window graphics, closely followed by the exterior window for small business owners, interior designers and property managers to present a more attractive front to the clients. It is an excellent form of advertising signage. It adheres easily to motor vehicles and windows, with perforations that enable vision through the advertisement.


There has been a steady increase in the vehicle wrap market over the years. Many companies that use vehicles to deliver their services or products are beginning to understand that using perforated window graphics on their vehicles is a great marketing. Unlike other more traditional forms of advertising like print, radio, TV, and billboards that have a recurring cost, a vehicle wrap is a one-time investment with the potential of millions of advertising impressions in the market over the course of two to three years. Since you just incur a one-time fee for printing and installation, you get a lot of bang for your buck. It also has the added advantage of moving well beyond the coverage area of a static advertisement like a billboard.

The advancements in technology have opened up a lot of new options that weren’t available before. The wider printing capability, faster speed of printing, and higher resolutions allow the printing companies to really push the envelope and create durable and high-quality graphics that wouldn’t have been possible a few years ago.

A perforated vinyl film, in general, has a lot of applications, such as the following:

  • Hotel and airport windows
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Windows and entry doors of convention and shopping centers with specific promotion and advertising
  • Retail store doors and windows


Graphics printed on perforated One Way Vision tend to look less vibrant than those printed on solid vinyl because up to 50% of the One Way Vision vinyl is missing due to the perforation process. One Way Vision is printed in-house to ensure high-quality results.


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