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The Advantages of Perforated Vinyl Graphics


Window perf is a PVC vinyl with an adhesive back that is perforated in a pattern of evenly spaced round holes. The greatest advantage of it is that it offers full visibility to the graphics from the outside while letting light through to the people inside. It is also referred to as “one-way vision film”, or “see-through vinyl”.

In most instances, the holes are uniform in size. The print coverage and visibility are determined by the number of holes. A 50/50 perforation pattern has perforations in 50 percent of the area and the other 50 percent is used for printing. It comes in a wide variety of hole configurations – 70/30, 60/40 and 50/50 are the most common. The first number represents the printable area and the second represents the open area.

Film construction and applications

Window perf is manufactured in layers. The first layer is that of the printable white vinyl followed by a layer of black vinyl. It is finished off with a coating of adhesive material and release liner. The black layer tends to serve as an optical illusion that offers clear visibility behind the printed vinyl. For optimum results, 70% or more of the light has to be on the printed side. Perforated window graphics are most commonly used in vehicle windows, retail window displays, office glass, and other situations where you want visibility for the graphics from one side and light to pass through to the other.

Marketing advantages

Vehicles are by far the most common candidates for window graphics, closely followed by the exterior window for small business owners, interior designers and property managers to present a more attractive front to the clients. It is an excellent form of advertising signage. It adheres easily to motor vehicles and windows, with perforations that enable vision through the advertisement.


There has been a steady increase in the vehicle wrap market over the years. Many companies that use vehicles to deliver their services or products are beginning to understand that using perforated window graphics on their vehicles is a great marketing. Unlike other more traditional forms of advertising like print, radio, TV, and billboards that have a recurring cost, a vehicle wrap is a one-time investment with the potential of millions of advertising impressions in the market over the course of two to three years. Since you just incur a one-time fee for printing and installation, you get a lot of bang for your buck. It also has the added advantage of moving well beyond the coverage area of a static advertisement like a billboard.

The advancements in technology have opened up a lot of new options that weren’t available before. The wider printing capability, faster speed of printing, and higher resolutions allow the printing companies to really push the envelope and create durable and high-quality graphics that wouldn’t have been possible a few years ago.

A perforated vinyl film, in general, has a lot of applications, such as the following:

  • Hotel and airport windows
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Windows and entry doors of convention and shopping centers with specific promotion and advertising
  • Retail store doors and windows


Graphics printed on perforated One Way Vision tend to look less vibrant than those printed on solid vinyl because up to 50% of the One Way Vision vinyl is missing due to the perforation process. One Way Vision is printed in-house to ensure high-quality results.


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Different Types Of Wallpaper Material

Wallpapers are an increasingly popular design choice nowadays. With the resurgence of this incredibly versatile, expressive wall covering option, comes many new developments in wallpaper material. Gone are the days of frustrating wallpaper that is difficult to install, and even harder to remove. Now you can enjoy a variety of materials that are all easy to install and remove. You can choose the best design and material for the room you’re outfitting, and the one that is most compatible with your own design tastes.

Vinyl Wallpaper

Vinyl based wallpaper is the most popular option in wall coverings due to its versatility. It’s easy to install, easy to remove, and easy to clean. There are a few different options of vinyl-based wallpaper depending on the needs of the room you’re looking to decorate.

Solid Sheet Vinyl

This type of pure vinyl wallpaper is the most durable option because of its thickness, easy cleaning, and easy removal. Solid sheet vinyl is often imprinted which adds to the beauty of the print.

Vinyl Coated Fabric

Fabric wallpaper is a popular choice because of its natural feel and texture. The vinyl coating gives it a good degree of protection and durability. It’s a wonderful choice for a sitting room or dining room where the texture is a key design element.

Vinyl Coated Paper

An upgrade from plain paper wallpaper, the vinyl coated paper offers the durability and washability that paper alone simply does not. The vinyl coating allows this type of wallpaper to be a great option for a variety of rooms including high-humidity environments like bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens.

Non-Woven Wallpaper

Non-woven wallpaper is a completely vinyl free option that’s a great choice if you’re sensitive to environmental considerations. It’s also washable and breathable. So, no need to worry about mold with this wallpaper. It also is very easy to install and remove. It does not tear easily, and it comes off the wall in one long strip. So, if you have some structural work to do with the wall, you can remove the wallpaper and put it back up again when you’re ready.

Easy-Walls Wallpaper

Similar to non-woven wallpaper, Easy-walls is a material that is completely PVC and VOC free, and the ink is water based. The wallpaper is easily cleaned, but breathable at the same time. So you won’t need to worry about mold. This type of wallpaper usually comes with a pre-applied adhesive, so installation and removal is a piece of cake.

Pre-Pasted Wallpaper

Wallpaper can be one of the types listed above and be prepasted at the same time. The term “prepasted” just means that you don’t need to purchase additional adhesive because it’s already on the wallpaper. The glue is dry and just needs to be activated by wetting the back of the paper.

Grasscloth Wallpaper

Grasscloth is a woven, highly textured wallpaper made from purely natural components. Cleaning is a little more difficult with this type of wallpaper. Stains should be spot treated and dirt should be vacuumed with a clean vacuum cleaner brush. If it’s a really specialty grasscloth then the overall cleaning may need to be handled by a professional cleaner.


Known as a market leader in wallpaper specialists, the Unique Impressions brand has built an established client base and a good reputation. We are a wallpaper specialist company. We provide custom wallpaper, paintable wallpaper, decorative wallpaper, 3D wall art, 3D wall graphics, sandblasting, tile cut-outs, Contravision, Furniture, office chairs, and flooring. Unique Impressions constantly seeks out new trends and products in the market and strives to be the market leader in its field.


Glass Boards vs Whiteboards

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If you work in a school, you’re probably used to using whiteboards when teaching, but schools aren’t the only ones using this traditional note making or presentation method. Many people keep small whiteboards at home, whether it’s in a home office, or in a child’s room to encourage learning, even offices use whiteboards and it’s been incredibly popular for a number of years. But with new board types being introduced such as interactive boards and glass boards, are whiteboards becoming dated and out of fashion?

If you’re asking which board type is right for you and the environment you work in, read our analysis of the two board types below to see which board would suit you the most.


Traditionally, whiteboards have been one of the longest note taking methods used across the world. These board types are particularly popular in schools for lessons, but are also often also often used in offices for taking notes and presentations.

Despite other board types being available, whiteboards remain a present and popular choice, particularly amongst classrooms. While whiteboards are predominately used in schools, they can be used creatively in other environments.

Whiteboards are available in a range of sizes so there’s nearly always an option to fit the space. They are also an affordable option when compared to other products adding to their appeal. This allows you to use miniature whiteboards with students in classrooms, small whiteboards at workstations, medium whiteboards in home offices and larger boards in classrooms and offices. Because of the durability and reasonable pricing whiteboards are often easy and good selections of board types for all environments.

This board type is often available as a multi purpose board; half whiteboard and another type of surface, usually felt or cork. Because of this, you can store many types of notes and attachments to these boards. Whiteboards also come in mobile options, so they can be moved around classrooms and offices easily.

Glass Boards

Glass boards defiantly stand out amongst other board types. With a smooth cutting edge contemporary finish due to the simplistic use of glass, glass boards appear incredibly modern and stylish whilst having the ability to blend in to any environment due to its transparency. Due to their contemporary style, these boards are great for improving the image of professionalism in offices.

Glass boards don’t just look great, they’re also great to use. These boards don’t suffer from ghosting like whiteboards do, which is perfect for clean office environments that are tended to be kept tidy for professionalism.

Unlike whiteboards, glass boards can come in multiple colours. Whether you want a standard clear board to blend in with your office environment, a blue board for design and architecture purposes or even a vibrant coloured board to brighten up a classroom, glass boards can come in many colours to suit every room, even your home office. You can also add LED lighting to your glass board, to continue a polished, contemporary theme with your boards in the office to add a high quality feel to your working environment.

Glass boards are available in a selection of sizes. Although whiteboards vary in size, placing different sizes and colours of glass boards together can be a highly creative method of decorating your office or classroom, and yet the boards still maintain their functionality. For example, you can place miniature glass boards along your workstation, and with the use of coloured glass boards, you can colour code your boards for various types of notices and levels of importance.

As well as the ability to choose from various coloured boards, with glass boards you  can also have high quality images of your choice printed onto the surface of the board, from family photographs to company branding and logos. Personalise your own glass boards for your office today.

Each board type has its own advantages. The glass boards are beautifully sleek for professional environments, and yet the whiteboards continue to be successful teaching resources within schools. It’s down to you to think about the advantages of each board that have been discussed to conclude on which board is right for you.


Unique Impressions is happy to be exhibiting and embracing the theme ‘Bold, Bright and Individual’ with flair and panaché.

So if you are looking to open up your horizons and gain a whole new perspective on renovating or home improvement you have to come past our Unique stand….We promise that you will leave invigorated with new ideas and concepts. Glass writing boards are high-quality, innovative, and clean alternatives to the old whiteboards of the past. Bring a modern edge to your office and get custom made branded glass writing boards!


The Benefits of Glass Writing Boards

Choosing a whiteboard ought to be a simple task. All you really need to know is what size to choose. Now you might be asked what sort of whiteboard you want because glass writing boards are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s no wonder. Why should you choose a glass whiteboard over the standard design? Although they may all look alike, not all whiteboards are created identically. Glass writing boards have been generating considerable popularity recently due to their ability to adapt to nearly any environment by providing the following benefits.


The first benefit that glass writing boards have to offer is their high-style appearance. The sleek look of glass boards makes them an ideal addition to offices, lounges and high-end restaurants. Not only is the surface of these whiteboards attractive, but these types of products typically do not have the bulky frames that most whiteboards have, and the frameless design gives off a seamless, modern appearance that’s ideal for advertising and interior design use. Glass boards can also come in a wide variety of colours including black, clear, blue, red and much, much more. You can also find them in both high gloss and matte finishes to suit your specific needs.


One of the more subtle, but most impressive benefits that glass boards have to offer is their ability to withstand heavy use on a daily basis for many years. This is especially beneficial in settings where whiteboards are a crucial part of everyday life for its users. Schools, for instance, can burn through whiteboards within just a few years of purchasing them due to the frequency of which they are used. Because glass whiteboards do not easily streak or stain, you can ensure that you’ll be able to deliver clear and succint messages for years to come.


Glass boards are a favourite among healthcare providers as they are much easier to keep clean than conventional whiteboards. Hospitals can be major breeding grounds for harmful bacteria, which is why it’s so important for medical furniture to be antimicrobial. Most whiteboards are made of a pressboard material that’s coated in a glossy melamine top layer. Because these types of boards can be easily scratched and scraped, bacteria can get stuck in cracks relatively easily, creating a huge problem in a healthcare setting. The reason glass boards are so much cleaner is that the surface is much tougher to scratch, so there is a far lesser chance of bacteria becoming trapped within dents and dings.

One thing that may seem like an advantage to standard whiteboards is the fact they are magnetic. As well as writing on them, you can stick a note or picture up using magnets – surely this can’t be the case with glass whiteboards? As we mentioned earlier, glass whiteboards are supported by a steel back-plate, fused onto the toughened glass. Although it won’t be as strongly magnetic as a common whiteboard, due to the glass in between the magnet and metal, things can still be stuck up with the use of magnets.

Overall, in a world where things are constantly upgraded, it seemed like whiteboards could only stay the same. Of course, they’ve been replaced by Smart Boards in schools, but in general it’s hard to go a step up on a normal, non-technological whiteboard. It’s a simple thing you write and draw on, so how could you make it look better, and more suitable and stylish for modern business. Well, the glass whiteboard does just that – it’s the perfect addition to any office. Both practical and good looking at the same time.


Glass writing boards are high-quality, innovative, and clean alternatives to the old whiteboards of the past. Bring a modern edge to your office and get custom made branded glass writing boards! At Unique Impressions, we are able to take an image that sets your pulse racing and create something totally unique, that says everything about you and transfer it onto any wall in your home or office. Learn more here, at Unique Impressions.


Interesting Wallpaper Designs for your Home

It would be inaccurate to say that wallpaper has made a comeback, as it simply never left. But wallpaper has developed, and that’s given many people even more opportunity to get creative with its use. We’ve seen countless great wallpaper uses in homes around the world, many of which create something that’s genuinely unique and stunning. Here are 3 innovative ways you can put wallpaper to use in your next decorating task:

Custom Mosaic
A mosaic is a style of art that utilises several of tiny tiles to create large and intricate patterns. Upon inspection, the tiles are just flecks of colour, but collectively, they create something that’s much more astonishing and amazing. When it comes to wallpaper, this same effect can be created using the many different styles, textures, and colours that are available in wallpaper. Think about it: by cutting up intricate patterns of wallpaper, you can interweave them together in a room for something completely different while it still having a consolidating theme. Ideas include using wallpaper of maps with old style globes for an office or even kid’s bedroom that all link together. This idea could help save you some money as well, using leftovers of wallpaper to make something new rather than just buying a whole new roll for a new project.

Use Mirrors for Texture
While you can buy wallpaper in various textures, including the soft threads of grasscloth or the bumpy imperfection of textured paper, mirrors offer this in a whole different way. With the use of some differently-shaped mirrors, the wallpaper is reflected to give a unique texture to the walls while giving you a place to check yourself before heading out. This idea is particularly popular in bathrooms, where mirrors are normal and absolutely necessary. It can add some depth to otherwise flat styles and still maintain a visual cohesion.

Asian-Inspired Style
Asian-inspired rooms traditionally leave the walls fairly plain, relying on intricate and beautiful decorative pieces elsewhere to give the room texture and style. But this doesn’t have to be the case. With some well-placed wallpaper, maybe just the top half of the walls, you can add to the style without making the whole room feel too busy It can maintain that exotic look that you love, even push it a little further, and give you something that people will remember and love.

Wallpaper has exploded in the past few years because of the many different ways that people can use it, and the many different materials that are used. Vinyl wallpaper is simply no longer the only option available, and the breadth of wallpaper designs and colours means that the possibilities are simply endless. So whether you want a new spin on an old favourite, or a new look that no one has ever done before wallpaper is the way to do it.

Unique Impressions are able to take an image that sets your pulse racing and create something totally unique, that says everything about you and transfer it onto any wall in your home or office.
Capture your special memories onto our canvas prints. At Unique Impressions, we print any image or design onto high quality, environmentally friendly material which is then professionally hand stretched around custom built frames. Sandblast vinyl is the very popular alternative to on-site sandblasting. It is applied directly to existing glass and the designs are endless.


Choosing the Right Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a great tool that can add remarkable visual aesthetics. It’s available in an endless variety of colours, patterns, and textures, and subject to what you choose it can be either big and visually loud or soft and discreet. Another great feature about wallpaper is that it can be used in many different ways. Choosing the right wallpaper style and/or material is much more intricate than one would assume. Though bold prints are quite a most popular option among many homeowners, there are many other options to consider such as: woven grass, wood grain, metallic, birch, moiré and many more.


Colour can set the tone in a room. To make a space seem larger and the ceiling higher, choose patterns with cool-colour backgrounds, such as green, blue, or violet. Soft cool colours propose tranquillity, while intensely cool colours are fresh and dramatic. Warm colours like your reds, yellows, and oranges, live up to their name and actually make people feel warmer. These are a popular choice in colder climates and also work well in north-facing rooms. The more intense the colour, the more excitement it will give to a room.

Play with Light

In a north-facing room, dark hallway, or windowless space, look for wallcoverings that will reflect light around the room, such as patterns with light colours and those with metallic or iridescent inks. Also consider patterns with smooth surfaces, which reflect maximum light. Dark colours absorb light, making walls appear closer and the room smaller. Textured surfaces also tend to make a wall look darker.

Hide Flaws with Texture

Patterns with real or perceived texture can hide or camouflage wall imperfections or architectural eyesores. Patterns with actual tactile surfaces include grass and string cloth, burlap, foil, expanded vinyl, and even fabric. Other papers simulate the look of marble, wood, leather, fabric, even animal skins. A pattern with a layered design also creates a perception of texture.

Consider how the room is used, and how often, when choosing wallpaper patterns.

Choose a Suitable Style

For a formal look, choose large-scale patterns with dramatic colours. For a fun, bright style, pick small motifs that are open and regularly spaced, such as polka dots. Always remember the decorative impact of borders, which are available in all sorts of motifs and styles borders, quickly establish the theme of a room.

Accent the Positive

Stripes and other vertical patterns, which emphasise height, suggest dignity, vitality, and formality. Vertical patterns, including florals where the motif’s shape suggests a V or a U, will make a ceiling appear higher. Horizontal patterns accent width, suggest quietness and peacefulness, and make narrow rooms appear wider.

Scale for Success

Small-scale patterns create a feel of openness, while large-scale designs make rooms more intimate. To make an empty room look more furnished, pick large-scale patterns with bright colours and dark backgrounds. To give flat walls the look of depth, try a large, open dimensional pattern, such as a fence design.

Mix and Match Wisely

A room without pattern can bore, while a room with too many patterns can cause restlessness. When mixing stripes, florals, or plaids in a room or between adjacent areas, pick patterns that repeat the same colour or values of that colour. Wallcovering books usually group designs by colour to make coordinating easy.


Do you have a stunning wallpaper design but no way to produce it? Do you have a brilliant idea of what you want to see on your walls?  Do you have a photo or image you want to replicate on a large scale? Search no further, because here at Unique Impressions, we are able to take an image that sets your pulse racing and create something totally UNIQUE, that says everything about your company and transfer it onto any wall in your office.  You can look at our library of over 10,000 images OR let us conceptualize something for you from scratch. Unique Impressions will work with you to illuminate your walls with your own brilliance and make the most out of your space to make your brand visible. Unique Impressions are in-house manufacturers of the custom digital wallpaper, which means quick turn-around times and great pricing.


What To Do with Your Leftover Newspaper

After any decorating or any renovation job there is always leftover something, left over paint, left over tiles, leftover cement. But this time you have leftover Décor wallpaper. And chances are this is really beautiful and really expensive wallpaper that you don’t actually have other projects that you could use it for. Well that is not a cause of worry, there are actually a few things that you or someone you know can do with the leftover wall paper.

Uses for Old Wallpaper

There are a few things that can be done with the wallpaper to prevent wastage. The first thing that you could do with the wall paper is using it to line your draws, or even your book shelves for decorative flare. You could use it to decorate the exterior of draws or cupboard doors. You could also carefully add them to a canvas to create decorative wall art for somewhere else. You can also make decorative containers by wrapping the wallpaper around old containers (coffee or ice cream) and store whatever in them!

Other Uses for Wallpaper

Did none of the other options peak your interests yet? How about adding new life to an old lampshade by covering it in the wallpaper? Or you could create adorable coasters by covering old coasters or flat wooden squares in the wallpaper. You could cut out certain shapes or objects printed on the wall paper and place them around candles, or decoupage them to old furniture or empty spaces.  The last way you could use it is to creatively cover old step ladders.

Getting Leftover Wallpaper

Do you wish you had leftover wallpaper to make cute add-ons for your home or other family members? Or do you wish to wallpaper your home? Visit Unique Impressions for your wall paper needs. Allow beautiful wallpapers to transform your home to the palace you deserve to live in. Wallpaper allows you to have designs and looks that paint does not. Bring your home to life with a wide range of designs, as well as custom wallpaper.


Benefits of Wallpaper in your Home


Painting the interior walls of a house is a tradition. Homeowners think that the walls should be painted in order to look attractive. Though, wallpaper is an option as well. Home wallpapers are fast becoming a new trend, as they are simple to install and able to bring additional texture to any room. If you are thinking of giving your house a face-lift, but hesitant to replace the paint with wallpaper, below are some benefits of covering your walls with wallpaper.

Wallpaper is Durable!

Wallpaper comes in a wide array of designs and materials. From textured wallpapers to scratch proof ones, the list of options is endless. An excellent quality wallpaper will last for more than 10 years, while paint would not. Wallpaper can survive in high traffic areas, and you need not worry about children and pets around.


Compared to paint, the wallpaper will last longer. If it is properly installed, it will be able to hide the imperfections on your wall for years. On the other hand, using paint to hide imperfections would only last around three years and you would have to repeat the process.

Simple to Install and Remove

Most people dread introducing wallpapers in their home as they are worried about installing it and when bored of the look, how to take it down. However, this is not a worry. Wallpaper is extremely simple to install and take down. Today, all wallpaper comes with a special paste that makes it easy to install. In most cases, the company you have purchased wallpaper from will also be able to install it for you.

Get the Designer Look!

Besides being durable and cost-efficient, wallpaper gives your house a designer look. With a wide range of wallpaper available, you are able to choose from a flat colour, textured wallpaper or even a specific image or design of your choice.


Call Unique Impressions for Excellent Quality Wallpaper!

Here at Unique Impressions, we supply and install an impressive range of wallpaper for your choice. Visit our website and enquire online or give us a call for the best prices!


Wallpaper Over Painted Walls

It’s time to change your room around a bit or maybe even the entire house. If your home is in need of a few creative and different colours, patterns and maybe even a few pictures. However, you’re just not sure how to get the look you desire. Wallpapers are the way to go when you want to give your house a bit more character. Wallpaper lasts longer than paint, because of moisture and accidental collisions, the paint will tend to peel and chip away, whereas wallpaper will withstand these situations much better.


If you’re one of those people who change their mood, feelings, and lifestyle often, then a wallpaper house design is perfect. Your wallpapers can be changed whenever you would like it too, whereas if you had a painted wall, that would be a different story entirely.


Another good reason to consider wallpaper would be because it is a lot cheaper and easier to maintain. With a painted wall, you can wipe down a mess on it, but risk leaving it smudged and will still be dirty, while with wallpaper you can wipe off dirt easily and effortlessly and will leave fewer stains behind.


One other thing that is made possible by having wallpaper is creativity. Wallpapers are a much easier way to have different patterns, colors, designs, textures and even pictures on your wall wherewith paint, this wouldn’t be possible unless you hire a professional painter or artist which could cost a small fortune, whereas, with wallpaper, it’s all already there, just needs to be stuck on the wall.


If you feel like it’s time for a change of scenery, or if it’s needed, you need more colour in your life, more texture or different patterns or even just need to recover the walls consider using wallpaper instead of paint.
For more information, designs and ideas, you can visit: http://www.uniqueimpressions.co.za/


How to Install Wallpaper


Some people are not fans of paint. Let’s be honest paint does take forever to dry up and it can be pricey. Wallpaper has been used in homes for years now and it makes any room look clean and unique. Wallpaper is also known to brighten rooms and they come in colours that make a room look extremely beautiful.


How To Install Wallpaper


Before you can buy wallpaper you need to take measurements of all the rooms that you would like to install the wallpaper. Determine how much wallpaper you will need for the room. It is important to measure the height of each wall from the floor to the ceiling. Wallpaper needs to cover the entire wall so it needs to be covered in all angles. If the walls are square then you can add the length of the wall together then multiply the number by the height of the walls to calculate the total area in other for you to have enough wallpaper.

There are different designs and textures that you can choose from. Wallpaper comes in different material and they are all appealing to the eye. Wallpapers are created to make to room look beautiful and unique. Some of the available wallpaper material is easy to hang and the quality of the material is good and strong. Here are the available and commonly used textures:

  • Vinyl wallpaper
  • Embossed wallpaper
  • Textile-based wallpaper

All these textures come in different patterns and designs but they are installed the same way. Some of the textures are fragile so they can be difficult to hang on the wall so you need to be extra cautious.

You need to choose an appropriate pattern for the room. If you like patterns that have a distinctive pattern then you need to make sure that you take care to match up the pattern and avoid clashing. Different patterns can make the room look larger. Horizontal patterns make the room look wider and bigger.

You can use pasted or pre-pasted wallpaper. There are wallpapers that are easy to install you can easily peel the adhesive strip off the back of the paper and press it firmly and evenly onto the wall.


Easy methods:


  • Clean the wall
  • Smooth any cracks
  • Cut a length of paper
  • Flatten the paper with a brush
  • Use a steam roller
  • Clean up the streams


Unique Impressions


This might sound easy but you can also get professionals who specialise in wallpaper installations. Unique Impressions specialise in wallpaper installations and they highly qualified and they are neat and organised.

Unique Impressions