Wall Stickers

Wall Stickers

This application of wall décor is great for all you DIY individuals.


Wall stickers allow you the option of ease and convenience. This comes in applying and removing at a later stage
without a little mess left behind to tidy up.


You can design and create your own custom Wall Stickers for any room of your home or office.The durable vinyl
material will apply easily to any smooth surface and will remove clean.


Choose from a variety of designs or styles to create a high-end designed look for your space.


Take a look at our brand new Wall stickers available to you!



We recommend that you apply your Wall stickers within about 72 hours from receipt for the best results.


Once Wall stickers have been applied, they can last for several months or even years. This all depends on the
environment in which they are applied and the temperatures they endure during their lifespan.


Our wall decals are not reusable. Once applied to the wall they cannot be removed and re-used due to the high tack
adhesive on the back.


Wall stickers are designed to be used on smooth surfaces.


If the wall has just been painted you would need to wait for at least 24 hours before applying the decal to the wall for
best results.


Removing of the decals must be done with heat such as a heat gun or hairdryer. This ensures the best results as it may
pull off some paint should you not use heat to help re-activate the glue.


We do offer installation as well should you not want to DIY this product. Should you want us to install it for you
please send us the area you in so we can cost accordingly



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